Welcome to ENABLE-2

The Swedish Research Council and the National Research Programme on Antibiotic Resistance have been commissioned by the Swedish Government to support the ENABLE-2 platform. The platform is open to Swedish academia but also to SMEs through the support from Vinnova.

ENABLE-2 is building an antibacterial drug discovery platform based on the learnings from ENABLE (IMI Innovative Medicines Initiative) and is focused on the early stages of antibiotic discovery and development. ENABLE-2 will make an important contribution, filling a gap in early discovery and development, and ensuring there is a complete global development pipeline for new antibiotics.

ENABLE-2 is supporting the development of direct acting systemic antibacterial compounds (potentiator molecules are also in scope, e.g. β-lactamase inhibitors). Pathogens in scope for ENABLE-2 are E. coli, K. pneumoniae, P. aeruginosa, A.baumannii, S. aureus and E. faecium (ESKAPE pathogens).

This initial call is open exclusively to Swedish research groups, including both academics and SMEs.

The Call will be open for applications between October 4 and October 31, 2021.

The goal of ENABLE-2 will be to develop Hits up to a level of advancement where they can successfully graduate to later stage initiatives (e.g., CARB-X, GARDP, REPAIR Impact Fund) or to out-licensing.


What is ENABLE-2?

  • ENABLE-2 is an experimental platform with capabilities in chemistry, microbiology, ADME, safety and in vivo efficacy that will work with Hit owners to advance their compounds towards advanced Lead status.
  • ENABLE-2 is an expert knowledge hub
    The Portfolio Management Committee (PMC) of ENABLE-2 is composed of international/independent experts with broad antibacterial drug discovery and development experience. They will mentor your programme and advise on challenges as well as on how to mitigate liabilities.
  • ENABLE-2 can support Hit owners acquire key missing data for PMC
    If your programme does not fully meet the thresholds for entry into the ENABLE-2 Platform there is a possibility of a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) Route – a kind of pre-ENABLE-2 development package where this data could be generated.
  • ENABLE-2 maintains data confidentiality
    ENABLE-2 adheres to a very restrictive communication policy and will only communicate what you agree upon or what is released by yourself.




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Uppsala University (SE)
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